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Surfwheel R1
One wheel shelf-balanced Electric Skateboard

Surfwheel brings the ocean waves and the mountain snow to you. It allows you to feel the flying rush of surfing a wave or boarding down a snow mountain with the convenience of just having to step out your front door. Exploring becomes thrilling when you are surfing the land on a surfwheel. With its brushless hub motor, Surfwheel provides powerful & reliable riding experience. It allows you ride on all hard floor, even lawn. Ride for two hours and travel up to 20 miles on a single charge,or carry extra battery packs to extend your Surfwheel adventure even further! Make your move. Surfwheel intuitively sensesshifts in your center of balance, allowing you to glide forward and backwards or carve graceful, snowboard-esque turns. A twist of your hips will cause the board to make a sharp cut. Classic-look wooden chassis with urban style graphic pattern on top panel and wheel-side.

Client: Surfwheel Ltd

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Serious Swimming Goggle

Elegant concept has been designed for those who take swimming seriously, for training or for keeping fit. Wide lenses offer
maximum vision whilst the anti-fog coating ensures clear vision clarity underwater. This precision fit gives you the
freedom to achieve your best in the water.
Design styling expresses highly performance look with dynamic form factor. Fexible silicon material for nose-bridge and
Carborn-fiber in-mould texture finish on main frame with color accent around.

Client: Confidential

Comfort Swimming Goggle

Comfort with a soft silicone frame moulds to the contours of the swimmer’s face and wide lenses offer maximum vision
whilst the anti-fog coating ensures clear vision clarity underwater. Release button mechanism on each side gives an easy
adjust strap length to get the perfect fit.
Iconic design form signature on nose-bridge expresses the power of sports-spirit and unique way to appeal.

Client: Confidential

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