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Philips LED Designer Bulb

Consumer / Retail / Hospitality

An innovative tribute to LED lighting.
Freedom in design with customizable covers,
long lifetime, 80% energy saving, short pay-back period.
For general lighting and ambience creation.
Easy retrofit replacement.

Design projects at Philips Design

Philips LED Retrofit Lamp Range

Philips LED lamps range, setup a higher standard of high efficiency into consumer and professional markets. The color consistency and the capability to dimmed transforms those Led lamp into a full replacement of incandescent lamps on any electrical system. Each lamp look and feel represents the quality and efficiency of the Led logic.
Design challenge was a solving design solution for both visual aesthetic and technical performance.Refining design language to fit each project that innovative LED technology to replace traditional lamps.

Design projects at Philips Design

Philips design team was awarded below Design Awards

Passive Award Winner (UK) - MasterLED Designer Bulb 7W

RedDot Design - Endura R29 LED Lamp
China’s Most Successful Design Award - Endura R20 LED Lamp
Good Design USA - Endura Par20 LED Lamp
HKDC Silver Award - Par20 LED Lamp
HKAI Winning Award - MasterLED Par30
HKAI Certificate of Merit - MasterLED Bulb E27

IF Design Award Gold - MasterLED Par30
IF Design Award - E27 Glow LED Lamp
IF Design Award - E26 R20 LED Lamp
IF Design Award - E14 LED Candle & Lustre Lamp
RedDot Design Award - E14 LED Candle & Lustre Lamp
China’s Most Successful Design Award - Novallure LED Candle B35
Lighting for Tomorrow Award USA - L prize (EnduraLED A19 Lamp)

HKDA Asia Design Award - LED CAndle Lamp

Philips LED Highbay

Customers in industrial and warehousing applications are constantly looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy required to light their facilities. The GreenPerform LED Highbay luminaire can directly replace 250 and 400 W HID high-bays,thereby generating significant energy savings.
Design approach - Flat, light and elemetal L&F with easy maintenance and installation based on required mechanical guidelines.

Design project at Philips Design

Philips GreenVision BRP361/362/363

Significant energy savings and high reliability

LED-based road-lighting solution GreenVision is especially designed for the Chinese Market. Chinese municipalities are under increasing pressure to reduce energy consumption while complying with lighting standards and improving road safety.
GreenVision is a sustainable lighting solution offering significant energy savings, while its attractive design adds a touch of style to city streets.

Design project at Philips Design

Philips design team was awarded the 2011 China’s Most Successful Design Awards

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